Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Very Olde St. Nick Tasting Part 2: The Bourbons

Back in June, I wrote about the Southern California Whiskey Club's tasting of Very Olde St. Nick Rye.  Now they have set a date for part 2 o the meeting.  On August 17, they'll be tasting the Very Olde St. Nick bourbons.  Like the Rye, the Very Olde St. Nick series was bottled by the Van Winkles and then Kentucky Bourbon Distillers for the Japanese export market. 

The lineup for the meeting will include:

  •  8 year old, 90 proof
  • Cask Lot No. 15, 107 proof
  • 19 year old, 94 proof
  • 22 year old, 81.2 proof
  • 23 year old, 81.2 proof
  • 24 year old, 81.2 proof
 The meeting will be on Sunday, August 17 at 7:00 pm at Far Bar, 347 East 1st Street in Los Angeles.  There is a fee of $69 which includes food. You can sign up at the Southern California Whiskey Club website.

As with the rye tasting, its unlikely that a tasting like this will come around again anytime soon, so even if you're not in the Southern California area, you might want to consider attending.

Note:  Sku is not affiliated with the Southern California Whiskey Club and receives no compensation from them.  He just thinks this is a really cool tasting.


Anonymous said...


Did you attend the rye tasting? I'm curious about your thoughts or seeing some reviews on them.


sku said...

I tasted them all. I will probably do a review of the ryes and bourbons together after this tasting.

PL said...

Bourbon nirvana! Wish I lived out west instead of RI. Enjoy and look forward to your reviews!

Andrew said...


Thanks for putting this on your blog. I am going because of it! Looking forward to seeing you there.