Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Syndicate 58/6 Blended Scotch Whisky

There's a detailed backstory that comes with Syndicate 58/6 but suffice it to say it's a blended Scotch whisky composed of 18 malts and four grain whiskies.  They use a solera method of topping off casks and say that it contains "small quantities" of a blend dating back to 1958. It is finished for four years in Oloroso sherry casks.

Syndicate 58/6, 43% abv ($160)

The nose starts with malt and a touch of fruit. The palate is malt forward as well, but it picks up some grassy notes and wine, and there's a nice touch of pepper on the finish.  This is a lighter, malty whisky. Despite the Oloroso cask finishing, the wine notes are very subtle. Tasting blind, I could have easily mistaken this for one of the Compass Box blends or maybe even an Irish Whiskey (due to its light, malty character).

This is a nice blend and certainly worth trying, but it's hard to recommend at this price point.

Disclaimer:  A sample of this was provided to me by the company.


Andrew said...

Oliver Klimek over at Dramming has an excellent writeup in the history of "The Syndicate". Apparently they have a Templeton-esque skill for back stories.

t ball said...

Seriously, for $160 it needs to cure cancer or come with free "escort" services.

Whiskey Minion said...

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sku said...

Thanks Pao Lin.