Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Blog of the Month: The Whiskey Jug

This month's Blog of the Month is the Whiskey Jug.  The Whisky Jug started back in 2010 but really got going in 2013.  LA whiskey lover Josh Peters is a tireless taster, posting new reviews nearly every weekday. Josh tastes the entire spectrum of whiskey and his reviews are concise and to the point. Every whiskey gets both a number and letter grade and reviews are accompanied by his stylized photos which are much more interesting than the typical generic bottle pix. I also really like that most of the whiskeys he reviews are both accessible and affordable. As a bonus, he also has guest posts from the very knowledgeable LA whiskey distributor Chris Uhde.

Check it out!


Josh said...

Thank you Sku :)

Anonymous said...

The Whiskey Jug is an excellent site which I follow just as closely as yours, or Chuck Cowdery's, or SourMashManifesto or Drinkhacker.
In my view, Sku, yours and these are among the finest bourbon blogs.
Well done, Josh.