Wednesday, May 13, 2015

If You Could Pick One Whiskey

Monday's reader poll about which single whiskey expression you would choose if you could only have one for the rest of your life received a lot of interesting responses both in the comments and on social media.

Four Roses Single Barrel was the clear winner, with a number of votes going to other Four Roses products as well, further reinforcing Four Roses' dominance of our whiskey geek hearts. Other popular choices were Elijah Craig 12 and Weller Antique.  One person mentioned Blanton's Straight From the Barrel, which would be an excellent choice for folks in Europe or Asia who have regular access to that great whiskey.

Bourbon dominated the choices, but there were many other whiskeys as well with several votes for Redbreast 12 Cask Strength and a smattering of Scotch.  Glendronach and Ardbeg received the most total votes, though for different expressions, but there was really no clear Scotch winner. Interestingly, I didn't see a single rye in the list.

What would I choose?  Four Roses Single Barrel and Elijah Craig 12 are both excellent choices, and I also considered Rendezvous Rye, but in the end, I think I would tend toward that old stalwart Lagavulin 16. Peat is one of the things that got me into whiskey, and for me, it would be one of the hardest things to give up.  That being said, I haven't had the 16 year old in a few years, so I'd need to make sure it's still solid...hmm, maybe time for a tasting.

Thanks for playing!


Unknown said...

excellent choice always a very good go to 4roses, but am also partial to the lagavulin 16

Curt said...

I was very close to choosing Rendezvous Rye, but I get burned out on (lose my taste for) rye whiskey faster than a good bourbon.

Josh said...

Missed out on the initial round, but I'm torn between Four Roses SB 125th and Ardbeg Nam Beist. Different ends of the spectrum, but both so complex and amazing I feel like it would take me a very long time to get sick of them.

Gary A. Turner said...

That is interesting about the rye - I'm a big fan of rye, but I didn't even have one in the running for my "one whiskey". On the other hand, if the challenge were "You can only pick three whiskies", I know I'd have included a rye (and a single malt) in the mix.

For me, similar to Curt's comment - I'd get burned out on rye or scotch more quickly than a good bourbon, but I do love having the variety!

Randy P said...

BTW, that Lagavulin 16 is available @ Costco for $55.99. I just picked a bottle.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps at yours, Randy. Not even available at mine here in FL.