Wednesday, October 21, 2015

The You Creed: Response to the Sku Creed

On Monday I published the Sku Creed, the rules that govern my whiskeying. As I said in that post, my creed is for me and others may have different rules. Both in the comments and on social media there were some good additions so I thought I'd highlight some of my favorites here.

1. If the whiskey tastes good to you, it's good whiskey.

2. Don't be dogmatic about the spelling of "whiskey" versus "whisky".

3. Do whatever you want with your money and your whiskey.

4. Profit, profit, profit.

5. Have fun with whiskey. It's not rocket science. Never have fun with rocket science.

6. Have a budget/ceiling and stick to it. It keeps me from getting carried away by excitement.


Curt said...

#1 is very good and #6 is something I have adopted over the last 2 years and been happier for it. I don't mind so much buying a bottle under $50 and being disappointed. But spending above and beyond and being disappointed? That sucks.

Bernard Madoff said...

1. Buy now or be priced out forever.
2. It'll never be cheaper than it is today.
3. It's a new paradigm.
4. Profit!

Anonymous said...

Some of the hype is actually valid.