Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Dandelion Chocolate

After Dandelion Chocolate was my top rated chocolate in my recent blind chocolate tasting, I picked up a few more of their bars. Most of their bars are $8, and you can get a three bar set for $20 at their on-line store. I opted for the three bar set which included the Venezuelan I ranked first in the chocolate tasting as well as bars from Madagascar and the Dominican Republic which I'll review here.

Dandelion Chocolate Ambanja, Madagascar, 70%

The aroma is deep, dark chocolate. The flavor on this one is just incredible. The first note is just a pure chocolate note, very dark and very intense. As you chew, there's cherry and raspberry, and it ends with an intense raspberry note which carries into a chocolate/raspberry finish. This is fantastic! I think I like it better than the Venezuela bar.

Dandelion Chocolate Zorzal Dominican Republic, 70%

The aroma is fruity with grape juice notes. There's also a grape juice note on the palate. Nothing fancy, more like Welch's. The chocolate notes are much less intense than the Madagascar bar. The finish has more of that grape note.

Between these two, I definitely preferred the Madagascar, which was just wonderful. Given that I also loved the Venezuela, I would definitely recommend checking out Dandelion Chocolates.


billyhacker said...

Sku, looks like you got them sold out of the $20 three pack.

sku said...

Oops. Hopefully, they'll restock soon.

BG said...

Have you tried Theo Chocolate? My wife and I enjoy it, it is available at our local Whole Foods.

sku said...

BG, I have had Theo but not for a long while. I should pick up a couple of bars.