Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Mothers Deserve a Drink

Every June, I get tons of emails from whiskey companies and liquor stores with whiskey gift suggestions for Father's Day. Every May around Mother's Day I get...nothing. Well, almost nothing. Last year, The Whisky Exchange, the UK based whiskey shop, were the only ones who sent me an email with Mother's Day gift suggestions. Hey whiskey folks, why no love for the mothers?

Because I know so many hard working mothers, I'm hereby announcing a new campaign called Mothers Deserve a Drink. I'm encouraging whiskey makers, sellers and bloggers to publish Mother's Day whiskey recommendations. And don't let me catch you pushing any recommendations for flavored crap or whiskey liqueurs. Mothers deserve a real drink.

Mother's Day is about a month out so you have plenty of time. If any bloggers (or whiskey companies) take me up on this, I'll publish some of my favorites right before Mother's Day.


Sam Komlenic said...

I hope this doesn't count as heresy, but I'd highly recommend either of the two barreled cocktails from High West: Manhattan and Boulevardier. both mellow, tasty, and true to style, plus that lovely barrel influence.

My whiskey-loving Mrs. adores them.

Lew Bryson said...

I'll note from personal experience that Sam also home-blends a kick-ass Rock-n-Rye, which would make some Moms happy as well.

One-line Whiskey said...

I have a whiskey blog over on tumblr. And I'm a mom. I really liked this idea and ended up doing a four-part Mother's Deserve a Drink set of posts. The first two are already up. The third and fourth go up on Wednesday and Thursday.

sku said...

Fantastic One-line! Well done.