Thursday, October 6, 2016

Calvados Week: Domaine Hubert

Domaine Hubert is in the Pays D'Auge subregion of Calvados. There is no age statement on this bottle, but K&L, who brought it in, tells us it is around six years old, and it goes for a price that's pretty unusual for any French brandy.

Hubert Calvados, 42% abv ($30)

The nose has crisp, ripe apples. The palate is dry with oak and apple notes. The dry oak gives it a whiskey like quality. The finish is dry and woody, then it picks up a bit more apple and some bitterness.

This has a very different character than the Camut Calvados I reviewed on Tuesday. Whereas those are big and fruity, this one is dry and oaky. It's well balanced and complex. At $30, this stuff is an amazing deal, and I liked it better than the Camut 6 year old at double the price.

Get ready for more apple brandy next week but not from France.


My Annoying Opinions said...

Wow, your opinion of this really improved! Alas, my bottle has not.

sku said...

This was a tasting from a fresh bottle. Maybe there is batch variation or maybe air is not its friend. I don't know.

Anonymous said...

Lotta chatter about brandy recently. I'm excited for future Armagnac reviews as well!!!