Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Pacory 15 Calvados

I was a big fan of the cask strength Pacory Reserve Calvados that K&L brought in last summer.  Now they have a 15 year old Pacory, though not at cask strength. Pacory is in the Domfrontais sub-region which means that it must be composed of at least 30% pear. This one is 100% pear.

Pacory 15 year old, 42% abv ($60)

Despite the 100% pear composition, the nose still has strong apple notes with just a hint of pear. On the palate it starts with sweet fruit then turns dry and spicy. The finish is spicy and just slightly bitter.

This is great stuff, balanced and drinkable. I think I like it even better than the Reserve, which I liked a lot.


Ol' Jas said...

The linked K&L page says the ABV is 72%. Is that right?

Not cask strength, but super high nonetheless? Yowza.

sku said...

No, it's 42%. That must have been a typo in K&L's page.

Rick said...

I am jealous of your available calvados. one question tho, how is it calvados if it is made from pears? I assumed apple only?

sku said...

Pears are, indeed, used in Calvados, though the varieties of pears used are a bit more apple-like and sour than what we are used to. In the Domfrontais sub-region, where Pacory is from, producers must use at least 30% pear in their Calvados to use the regional designation. In the other sub-region, Pays D'Auge, they can't use more than 30% pear.

Unknown said...

According to Charles Neal's "Calvados," Pacory's highest concentration of pear has been up to 80%. Is this is a new expression? I agree with Rick, 100% pear doesn't seem like a Calvados to me.

sku said...

100% pear is okay. Per Charles Neal p. 216: "AOC Calvados can only be used for spirits that have been made with apples or pears, or a mixture of the two."