Friday, May 12, 2017

A Decade of Sku: Acknowledgments

Lots of people have made the last decade of this blog possible by sharing spirits, information, friendship and conversation, giving me ideas, reading drafts or just plain inspiring me. I thought I would take a moment to thank all of the following:

Adam Herz, Andrew Goodloe, Andy Smith, Anna Olson, Arnab, Blake Riber, Brendan Prouty, Brian Haara, C. Thi Nguyen, Chris Bunting, Chris Hall, Chris Stevenson, Chris Uhde, Chuck Cowdery, Clay Risen, Dan Walbrun, Dan Zimmerman, Daniel Laurence, David Driscoll, David Othenin-Girard, David Perkins, David Wankel, Davin DeKergommeaux, Dean Chiang, Doug Philips, Eric Felten, Florin, Frank & Debra, Fred Minnick, Funky Tape, Greg Gilbert, Heather Greene, Howard Levinson, Janet Patton, Jason Beatty, Jason Pyle, Jeffrey Morgenthaler, Jim Leff, Johanne McInnis, John Hansell, John & Linda Lipman, Jordan Devereaux, Josh Chinn, Josh Peters, Josh Wright, Joshua Feldman, Karen & Carl, Keith Boyea, Ken Tanaka, Kevin Erskine, Leah, Lew Bryson, Linh Do, Mark Gillespie, Marko Karakasevic, Martin Daraz, Max Wallhausser, Michael Kravitz, Michael Ries, Michael Veach, Naomi, Nicolas Palazzi, Nina Wanat, Oliver Klimek, Paul Schurman, Ralfy, Randy Blank, Reid Bechtle, Reid Mitenbuler, Richard Anderson, Rob Gard, Ronde Ingvar, Russell Hogg, Ryan Oberleitner, Sam Komlenic, Sam Simmons, Serge Valentin, Steffen Brauner, Steve Leukanech, Steve Neese, Tim Puett, Tim Read, Tony Chen, Wade Woodard, and Winston Churchill Edwards

I'm sure I forgot some folks and for that, I am truly sorry.


Jordan said...

This makes me really miss Scotch & Ice Cream. Dude was ahead of his time.

sku said...


Anonymous said...

Where is Jason Pyle now? He was pretty essential way back when.

Steffen said...

Ok. I am humbled being on this list. I am honored

mr.franksan said...

Regarding the question about deficiency of craft whiskey:
I imagine you have heard the following theory, but I'll give it because you didn't list it. Craft distillers use small barrels and therefore get the surface area to volume aspect wrong.

TMR said...


Your blog has been a source of inspiration, amusement, and some great finds worth tracking down for local eats. I always enjoyed seeing what was coming up, and enjoyed the period of time when we did periodic simultastings.

Congrats on the ten years and I hope the next project is as enjoyable for you!


(And thanks, Jordan & Sku for your kind words. I don't know that they're deserved but I appreciate it!)