Sunday, October 21, 2007

Happy Birthday Mom: Organic Brown Rice

My mother, who is a semi-regular reader of this site, is constantly horrified by my diet. Well, let's face it, my food pyramid pretty much consists of fried foods, pupusas, cheese plates and butter, washed down with whiskey.

This may not be what the nutritionistas consider "healthy" but you have no idea how much will power it takes to maintain a high fat/high carb diet. I mean, sometimes I just want to splurge and have a celery stick or something.

So, in honor of my Mother's birthday, I excitedly tore open a package of frozen organic brown rice from Trader Joe's. Mmmm, so brown, so organic, so ricey...of course, it would be really good with some butter, or maybe deep fried.

Happy Birthday Mom!!

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Raven said...

Fried rice is the best (not deep fried, though). The plain stuff, sadly, is kinda boring. The best homemade rice dish I've come up with is just rice fried in a little sesame oil with egg, carrots and chicken. But I realize frying defeats the purpose of trying to eat healthy...

Happy b-day, sku's mom!