Thursday, April 14, 2011

Real Texas BBQ

One of the great things about Texas is that even in the snooty, hoity-toity areas, like the Houston Galleria neighborhood, you can find tasty 'que. Brisket that is soft and tender, but still has some chew to it and a pure, smoky goodness. Links that burst with juice and spice when you bite into them and get even better dipped in a vinegar/mustard sauce. All of it served on large sheets of butcher paper with sweet pickles, sides and the obligatory though, to me, still confounding slices of generic white bread.

Texans, for whom barbecue is something akin to relgion, may not consider this place top tier, but for a visiting Californian, it's a slice of smoky heaven.

Luling City Market
4726 Richmond Avenue
Houston, TX 77027
(713) 871-1903

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Karaoke steve said...

The white bread slices are the "Bitter Herb" which reminds us of the trials and tribulations of childhood in America.