Thursday, April 7, 2011

The Newest Restaurant Concept

It is truly an era of innovation in the world of dining, and Ella Bloom is a restaurateur with yet another new concept: a completely stationary restaurant. That's right, Ms. Bloom has developed a restaurant that is housed in a building, somewhat like an office space or retail shop. It has a kitchen and dining area, but unlike the pop-ups and food trucks that most foodies dine at these days, its facilities are permanently anchored to one location. I spoke to Ms. Bloom about this revolutionary new idea.

SKU: "I'm not entirely clear on how this will work. What Will you do if you want to move your restaurant to a different location, say another neighborhood or a different street."

BLOOM: "Well, you can't do that. It's just in one place."

SKU: "So you are going to only serve people who will come to you to eat. Do you think people will actually do that?"

BLOOM: "Well, if the food is good enough, I'd like to think they will."

SKU: "How long is your engagement here?"

BLOOM: "What do you mean?

SKU: "I mean for how many weeks will you be operating this stationary restaurant concept?"

BLOOM: "For as long as we can, as long as people come."

SKU: "So let me get this straight, not only are you going to only serve food in one place, you are going to do it indefinitely? Why would anyone make reservations if they know they could just go whenever they want?"

BLOOM: "Ah..."

SKU: "What are you going to tweet about if you're just open all the time in one place?"

BLOOM: "I guess I hadn't thought about it."

Personally, I'm skeptical about this concept. It's one thing to innovate, but it's another to offer something so radically different from what diners are used to. I wish Ms. Bloom the best of luck, but she may want to rent a truck, just in case.

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