Monday, March 23, 2015

Four Roses Single Barrel Limited Edition 2014

Earlier this year, Four Roses announced that it was discontinuing its annual limited edition single barrel release.  That means the 2014 will be the last regular release of the limited single barrel (they noted that they might still do special releases - I guess those would be limited limited editions).  For now, they will still be doing single barrel releases for retailers, so don't panic too much.  Still, I thought it would be fun to try the last release and was lucky enough to have a friend who could send me a sample.  The 2014 Four Roses Single Barrel Limited Edition is 11 years old and from their OESF recipe (lower rye and F yeast).

Four Roses Single Barrel Ltd Edition 2014, OESF, 11 yo, 54.5% ($100)

The nose is floral and perfumy. The palate comes on very sweet the shows some wood spice.  Water rounds it out nicely. There's a nice sweet finish on the nose but not too much on the palate.

This is good bourbon as nearly all Four Roses is, but it doesn't jump out at me as particularly special.  There's plenty of equally good or better Four Roses I've had from retailer barrels.

Thanks to Dan Zimmerman for the sample. 

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@alligatorchar said...

A limited edition single barrel in broad release doesn't really make much sense in the first place. A small batch with two to a zillion barrels does as then it's the same across the board.