Monday, February 29, 2016

Blog of the Month: Signde Drinks

I've gotten lazy about my once regular Blog of the Month feature.  There are just so many whiskey blogs, it's hard to keep up, and there are a lot that deserve recognition. So I'll try to dive back in this month; we'll see if I can keep it up.

One blog I've been meaning to feature for a while is Ryan Oberleitner's signde drinks. Ryan was a regular whiskey reviewer on Reddit's very active r/bourbon forum, and his blog seems to have grown out of those reviews. He's a very good writer who doesn't pull any punches. Check out his recent review of Jefferson's Ocean which begins:

What is this? Well it’s a bourbon that supposedly spent time in barrels on a boat at sea. How much time? Fuck you. Okay, well who made it? Not us, fuck you. Hmm, how old is it? No idea, fuck you. Alright then, how much does it cost? A lot, fuck you.
Now that's my kind of review! That being said, that kind of snark is a bit out of character for his reviews, which tend to be straight forward and to the point with succinct, well written notes and no grade inflation.

Check it out!

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