Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Kilkerran Bourbon Cask #7

It's been a few years since I tried a Kilkerran, whiskey from the Springbank owned Glengyle Distillery.  For 2015's the Work in Progress 7, they released the whiskey at cask strength. There's not much information on the label, but according to The Whisky Exchange, this is the last of the Work in Progress expressions and is 11 years old.

Kilkerran Work in Progress #7 Bourbon Cask, 54.1% ($75)

The nose is dry and malty with lots of grassy notes and some Ivory soap. The soap notes continue on the palate, in both the flavor and mouthfeel. Then it's got some nice coastal sea air/seaweed stuff going on that continues into the finish along with some peat.

This is like drinking two whiskeys. The first half is soapy and weird whereas the second half is quite good.  A few drops of water helps even things out a bit, though the mouthfeel still has that soapy characteristic. Overall, I wasn't as impressed with this one as I was with the last Kilkerran bourbon cask I tasted.

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