Friday, March 18, 2016

New Whiskey Labels: Old Forester, Compass Box, Laphroaig and More

This week's most interesting new labels from the federal TTB database:

Brown Forman cleared a label for the 2016 Old Forester Birthday Bourbon and Old Forester 1910, an "old fine whisky."

Beam Suntory cleared a label for the 2016 Laphroaig Cairdeas which will be finished in Madeira casks.

Jack Daniel's cleared three labels for single barrel bourbon with different flavor descriptions: Full Bodied & Robust, Flavorful & Balanced and Sweet Forward.

Compass Box trolls the SWA with Enlightenment, an effort to "champion reason and liberty amongst those who regulate the world of Scotch Whisky."

Balcones cleared a label for Sangre Roja Single Malt.

Forty Creek cleared a label for a 2016 Founder's Reserve, it doesn't include anything in the way of description.

High West cleared a label for Blue Sky Ranch, a blend of High West Rendezvous and Double Rye finished in different wine casks.

A label cleared for what appears to be a new official MGP whiskey. Cloud's Batch '41 is a blended wheat whiskey bottled in celebration of MGP's 75th anniversary. It's composed of 51% two year old straight wheat whiskey and 49% neutral spirits distilled from wheat.

Note:  The fact that a label appears on the TTB database does not necessarily mean it will be produced.  In addition, some details on the label, such as proof, can change in the final product.


Jake said...

MGP's official whiskey blended? spirits distilled from wheat? no guys! come on please don't do this!

(Unless it's 15$ a bottle??)

Also those JD SB are ridiculous. Sweet forward.

Curt said...

Blue Sky Ranch sounds interesting. Can't go wrong with that blend unless the aging in wine barrels significantly alters the flavor profile or raises the price above $50-60. I'd be all over a Rendezvous/Double Rye blend if it came in around $40.

jh said...

Chip is listed as the authorized agent on the Balcones TTB application. May be time for an update.