Monday, February 13, 2017

Highland Park, You're Fired!

I was a big fan of the Highland Park Ice, so I thought it would be fun to try the newest whiskey in that series. Highland Park Fire. Fire was aged in refill port casks.

Highland Park Fire, 15 yo, 45.2% ($300)

The nose is malty with beer notes. The palate starts with that same malty beer but then has peat and a skunky note that lasts into the finish, which is quite skunky and a bit flat. Yuck! This tastes like flat, skunky beer

I gave this one about a week of oxygen, and it did develop a bit. After a week, the nose had a more traditional peated malt nose and the palate got sickly sweet, but it still maintained those bitter beer notes, so it changed, but it didn't really get better.

I'd stay away from this one.

Thanks to Josh Peters for the sample. 


Jordan said...

So, did they get completely different character from the spirit before it was bottled or did they just throw a dud experiment in a fancy bottle and hope none of the collectors would ever try it?

Mark said...

Given the massive price increases everything but the 12 has seen, I see no reason to not fire Highland Park for everything they do anymore. At least IB's are still available...for now.