Sunday, September 23, 2007

Box 'o Brulee

Call me a child of the '80s, but I still love New Wave music, skinny ties and Creme Brulee. Not the lavander flavored monstrosities that you still see at a surprising number of fine restaurants, but the traditional, pure vanilla custard with caramelized crust, now relegated to steak houses and...Costco?

I picked up this four-pack of Miss Meringue Creme Brulees at Costco, and suprisingly, they were excellent. The custard was rich, thick and creamy. Now, a Brulee from a box is never going to have the crust of a freshly burnt one, it's just not physically you need to think of it as more of a Flan. But the topping on this Brulee was a beautiful, thick caramelized syrup that dripped nicely into the Burlee when I took a spoonful.

I kid you not, this Brulee is better than many I've had at restaurants.

Costco Creme Brulee, who knew?


Bon Vivant said...

Before 9/11 I used to buy my parmegiano reggiano from Peck in Milano (you realize that the Italians send the crappy stuff here). I would buy a whole bunch of stuff too since the shipping charge was about $30. After 9/11 the shipping charge went up to $70 so I had to make due with the cheese already here.

One day I am at my brother's house and he has this big beautiful moist hunk of PR and I yell, "Where did you get this?" and guess where? Yup, Costco. I nearly died.

sku said...

Ha,ha! You never know what you'll find at Costco or how long it'll be there.

For a while, the Glendale Costco was carrying huge, lovely chunks of Maytag Blue Cheese. Then, they were gone.