Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Whiskey Wednesday: We Want WhiskyFest!!

Sponsored by Malt Advocate Magazine, a good if poorly named whiskey periodical, WhiskyFest, held each October, is the premier whiskey event in the US.

What is WhiskyFest? A one day, two city whiskey extravaganza, featuring panels, seminars and hundreds of samples of Scotch, Bourbon, Irish and other whiskies. For years, every fall, WhiskyFest has attracted afficionados to its events in New York and Chicago.

This year, for the first time in seven years, they have added a new city. WhiskyFest is coming to California with WhiskyFest...San Francisco?!?

What's the deal WhiskyFest? Yes, I know the Bay Area, of which I am a native, is a capital of fine food and refined drink, but those guys are wine drinkers. We may not be as fancy, as in shape or as rich, but we are whiskey drinkers and there are a lot more of us. We want a WhiskyFest!!

Now, I wrote to the good people of Malt Advocate and they told me they did not have "any plans for further expansion" but would keep my suggestion in mind...the blowoff.

So, come on Southern California, email
Malt Advocate Magazine and tell them that LA is where it's at for whiskey and we want WhiskyFest!

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