Sunday, May 11, 2008

More KFC: BonChon Chicken

We continue our exploration of the Korean Fried Chicken phenomenon with the newly opened BonChon Chicken on Sixth Street and Catalina in Koreatown. BonChon is of the same genre as the recently reviewed KyoChon Chicken, offering fried chicken in regular and spicy sauces.

BonChon's two flavor choices are soy garlic and hot. The soy garlic is mildly garlicky but with nice flavor. The hot is quite spicy without the sweetness of KyoChon's. You can order the fried chicken without sauce, but it is fairly bland. As with KyoChon, the chicken is served with pickled radishes.

So what to make of the KyoChon/BonChon rivalry? Overall, I preferred KyoChon's excellent garlic chicken to BonChon's, but I liked BonChon's hot chicken better.

The real difference between the two, though, is revealed on their websites. Whereas KyoChon is a "synonym flashed upon with taste," BonChon characterizes its product as "tasteful and nutritiously enriched." So, if you prefer a synonymous flash, head to KyoChon, but if nutritional enrichment is your thing, you should be eating at BonChon.

BonChon Chicken
3407 W. 6th Street (at Catalina)
Los Angeles, CA 90020
(213) 487-7878


Anonymous said...

A "synonym flashed upon with taste"? LOL! Gotta love those Konglish marketing slogans. As for BonChon, what is their product enriched WITH? Inquiring minds want to know.

You're miles ahead of me on the Korean fried chicken front and will probably stay that way just because I don't really like fried chicken unless it's home-made.

sku said...

Have you tried it Raven? It really is very good, especially KyoChon, but I know you're not a big fried food eater. I will eat for both of us!