Thursday, May 29, 2008

Show Me the Chocolate: Patric Chocolate

When I think of artisan chocolate makers, I don't tend to think of rural Missouri, but deep in the heart of the "show me" state lies Patric Chocolate. Patric markets what they call "micro batch" chocolate. Their offerings are limited to two bars from the Sambirano Valley of Madagascar, a 67% and a 70% cacao. The ingredients of the 67% are beans, sugar and cocoa butter. The 70% includes only beans and sugar.

High cacao chocolate bars which don't contain any vanilla often have a flat taste. Chocolate makers use vanilla to give the bar some complexity and elevate the flavors, so I was somewhat skeptical going into the Patric bars.

Despite the lack of vanilla, however, the Patric 67% is excellent. It has great chocolate flavor, a touch of acid and a nice balance. My only complaint would be it's a bit too sweet. Interestingly, if I tasted it blind, I would probably guess that it was a lower cacao content, maybe in the high 50s; this may be due to the sweetness.

The 70% bar also has good flavor, a bit more acid and a darker taste, though still fairly sweet. I liked it, but the 67% had a more balanced flavor.

You can get Patric bars at their website: $5.75 for a 1.75 oz. bar.

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