Thursday, October 23, 2008

Books for the Baby Foodie

Looking for a perfect gift for your foodie friends who have a young child? Want to give your own little kids some early culinary education? Check out the works of Amy Wilson Sanger.

Sanger has written and illustrated a number of kid's books about great food. Each little board book is a poem dealing with a style of food cleverly illustrated with paper cut-outs.

For my own little one, I've got the First Book of Sushi:

Ikura, squishy salmon roe
like dabby dots of jelly,
salty on my lips and yummy in my belly

and Yum Yum Dim Sum

Why, oh why, my little siu mai,
why do I love you so?
What treasure hides,
jing cha siu bao,
pillowed in your dough?

Other titles available include Chaat and Sweets and Hola Jalapeno. Each book goes for just $6.95 on Amazon. It's the perfect gift for the 0-4 set at the sushi bar near you.

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