Sunday, October 5, 2008

Burning Down the Haus: Haus Dessert Boutique

If you call something a dessert boutique and open it in my neighborhood, you know I'm going to go. Haus Dessert Boutique opened about two months ago right across Sixth Street from KyoChon Chicken.

A Korean establishment featuring continental desserts and coffee roasted on site, I thought it might have potential. The dessert menu, though, is pretty standard: tiramisu, creme brulee, various cakes, chocolate souffle, chocolate fondue. There are also a few entrees and appetizers for people who need something savory before their dessert. The decor is typical hipster Koreatown coffeehouse chic. It's open late (midnight on weekdays, 1:00 a.m. on Friday and Saturday) and has free WiFi.

The dessert selection immediately struck me as odd. All of the Korean coffeehouses have something similar to this display of desserts (minus the fondue); what is it that made Haus a "dessert boutique" as opposed to just another of the 5 million coffeehouses in Koreatown?

Unfortunately, I still don't know the answer. It's true that they make these desserts in-house, but most of the things I sampled fell flat. Tiramisu was dry and uninteresting as was the quattro-berry cake. I did enjoy the cheesecake, which had a nice, tangy flavor with an Oreo cookie crust. All of the portions, however, were quite small, though nicely presented. Alas, I left unimpressed - a good concept poorly executed.

Haus Dessert Boutique
3826 W. 6th St. (between Serrano & Hobart)
Los Angeles, CA 90020
(213) 388-5311


Anonymous said...

Like the decor, but I agree, poor execution in every sense of the word, and this is nearly a year later(!) Their desserts are still boring -- and still dry and tasteless. Some flavors were off (could have sworn their Magic Cube chocolate mousse cube had an odd flavor -- maybe burnt coffee or chocolate in the ganache coating?). The raspberries in the pistachio/chocolate thing were still frozen inside, and the thin spongecake layer on the outside was dried-up hard.

Service was horrific -- on a Saturday evening, they were out of flavorings for the first section of their special drinks menu, and also were out of most of the flavors for latte drinks. Then, when we asked for water (both by pressing the useless "Water" button at the table, and asking our server 5x during our meal), still nothing -- even during the 1.5 hours we were there. Had to finally go up to their counter and stand there till another server helped me and he at least actually grabbed some cups and brought the water pitcher to our table -- so frustrating. Isn't good customer service supposed to be taught to the servers?

Please tell me you're not frequenting this sad excuse for a dessert boutique -- if people keep going just because it's close by, it'll remain in business, when a better place could come along and replace it. Thanks.

sku said...

I haven't been since I wrote the review.