Sunday, August 30, 2009

Kogiberry & Korean Kupcakes - The Newest, Hottest Food Truck

People stand in lines for hours waiting for it, they track it on Twitter and they rave about it on Yelp. Unless you've been living in a cave for the last two days, you know that I'm talking about LA's newest food truck: Kogiberry & Korean Kupcakes. Serving a diverse crowd including hip Westside clubbers, hip Westside industry types and hip Westside students, the bright orange truck has taken LA by storm.

Kogiberry & Korean Kupcakes (Triple K to its followers) offers up something new in LA food truck fusion: tart frozen yogurt tacos with kimchi cupcakes. Triple K founder and publicity guru jImmMMMMMMMmmmy, a Third Street Elementary School student, described the concept to me, "we just thought, hey we like tacos and Korean food and tart frozen yogurt and cupcakes and trucks and orange things and money; we should do something that puts them all together. And then we thought, what if we sold food out of a truck? I mean, no one's really done that before, right?"

But don't plan on just going up to the truck to order. All orders must be texted. As jImmMMMMMMMmmmy explained, "when we were opening up, we thought, you know, why should we talk to all these people? I mean, no one talks anymore. It's like writing a letter; it's obsolete. So, if you want some tacos, you come up to the window and text us."

Triple K is beyond a doubt, the most popular new food truck to emerge in the early part of this week, but will it have staying power? jImmMMMMMMMmmmy hopes so, "I'm saving up to buy a wii."

Next week: PuMi - The Vietnamese Pupusa Truck


SinoSoul said...

I hope you pitched this to "The Onion". Write once, paid twice.

someone said...

funny. :)