Sunday, April 4, 2010

Coming Soon

I have a busy spring planned, with lots of tasty treats and travels.

I'll be heading to New York for business, but I plan to grab some good bites while I'm there. It's been a full three years since I hit New York City so I'm already planning my map of doughnut shops, espresso bars and hot dog stands and seeing if I can squeeze in a trip to the Brandy Library.

May is my birthday month (and it's a big one; like ends in a zero type) so along with my typical May doughnut adventures, I'll be heading out to Vegas to celebrate with a massive and carefully designed chow-plan which I will dutifully report on.

And of course, more of the usual, cheese, whiskey and chocolate, including extensive reviews of the newly available specialty bottlings from The Party Source starting this Whiskey Wednesday.

Oh, and I should send out a special thanks to Tony from SinoSoul (our man in Monterey Park) for setting up the excellent blogger dinner at Hunan Restaurant in San Gabriel. Thanks Tony!

Stay tuned...

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