Thursday, April 8, 2010

San Diego Sweets: Extraordinary Desserts

Extraordinary Desserts is sort of the San Diego equivalent of Sweet Lady Jane, an upscale dessert house that pedals sweet and luscious cakes as well as cookies, brownies and other assorted delectables. Located just west of Balboa Park, the dominant technique at Extraordinary Desserts is soaking cakes in various liquids - such as espresso or liqueurs - to keep the cake moist. Pictured are a blood orange ricotta cake and wonderful lemon cake (foreground) which had a crispy, toffee crust. The moist cake blends well with the various creams and custards used as fillings. It's just hard not to like a good cake store. Next time you're headed to the zoo or anywhere else in San Diego, check it out.

Extraordinary Desserts
2929 5th Avenue
San Diego, CA 92103-5919
(619) 294-2132

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