Thursday, July 8, 2010

Gelato Bar Los Feliz - Now Open

Last year, when I embarked on the LA Gelato Tour, Gail Silverton's Gelato Bar in Studio City was one of my favorite spots. Now, they have opened a second location on Hillhurst, in the space of the old Hollywood Gelato (which didn't come out so well in the Tour).

The gelato at the new location is just as good as the original's (though the servings seem smaller). Unfortunately, the Los Feliz branch has no espresso machine, which means no affogato. This is a serious oversight, since Gelato Bar makes one of the best affogatos around. Hopefully, it will soon be corrected.

They also carry Cake Monkey and other pastries.

Gelato Bar
1936 Hillhurst Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90027
(323) 668-0606


Banana Wonder said...

awesome. can't wait to check it out. what flavors are good?

sku said...

Honestly, everything I've tried there has been great, and the flavors change a lot. A couple that seem to be on regular rotation and are very good are the stracciatella (chocolate chip) and Veneziana (candied orange peel with chocolate), but all their chocolates are good. You can, of course, sample extensively, which I would encourage.