Thursday, August 4, 2011

Trader Joe's Cookie Taste-Off: Macarons vs. Whoopee Pies

I try to avoid Trader Joe's impulse purchases, but it was hard to resist the French-style chocolate macarons, so into the cart they went. And then I saw the whoopee pies. A taste-off would be an excellent excuse to gorge on cookies. So here they are.

Trader Joe's often has a problem of products that look better than they taste and this was the issue with the whoopee pies. The cookies were dry and flavorless, the filling was ultra-sweet, though with decent flavor and good texture. I couldn't eat more than one.

The macarons on the other hand, were very nice. They were filled with a liquidy chocolate ganache with some good chocolate flavor. They lacked the chewiness of really good macarons, but hey, it's Trader Joe's and they were overall quite tasty.

Both types of cookies are $6 for a package of 6. TJ's also has a frozen macaron, but that will have to wait for a future taste off.

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