Thursday, January 19, 2012

Dusty Thursday: Daviess County Bourbon (Medley Distillery)

The Charles Medley Distillery in Owensboro Kentucky has a long and rich history, but like Stitzel-Weller, it was purchased by United Distillers (now Diageo) and closed in the early 1990s. Angostura had purchased the distillery with plans to reopen it but then ran into financial problems and is now looking to sell. Daviess County Bourbon was, from what I gather, a mid-level Medley brand. The label is now owned by independent bottler Luxco out of St. Louis.

The bottle I'm tasting today is 500 ml (metric measurement used) and 86 proof (with no abv listed). The bottom of the bottle indicates "82" which makes 1982 a likely time period. It contains no government warning but does have a UPC code.

Daviess County Bourbon, 4 years old, 86 proof (43% abv)

The nose on this is very nice, sweet bourbon with wood polish and oak. Based on the nose, I was expecting big woody/chewy complexity from the palate, but it's actually more of the light and smooth variety with sweet candy flavors and just a bit of oak. The finish goes back to the woody qualities of the nose.

This is a decent Bourbon but not overly complex, certainly not particularly special or better than anything on the market today.


Chuck Cowdery said...

Wherever did you find it?

sku said...

Chuck, I found it at the typical corner store. I've got lots of dusty corner stores in my neighborhood; I'd say most of the dusties I've purchased come from within a mile of my home.

Unknown said...

Note that from about 1940 to 1990 the distillery was owned by Fleischmann. I just found a 1976 Quart Bottle of the Daviess County on the shelf yesterday that lists Fleischmann as the distiller.

Dave Gonano said...

I just acquired a 4yr bottle from the early 1970's. Distilled by Fleischmann in Owensboro, KY and bottled at at their Plainfield, IL facility. A little research finds Fleischmann operated the Hill and Perkins Distillery from 1940 until the 1970's. This was located just outside of Owensboro.

Cheryl H said...

Can this still be found in Owensboro, Ky?