Sunday, January 1, 2012

Short Cake/Single Origin: More Nancy Silverton at the Farmer's Market

I recently reviewed Nancy Silverton's Short Order burger joint at the Third and Fairfax Farmers Market. Since then, Silverton has ordered a pastry/coffee shop as well.

Located where Thee's Continental Bakery used to be, Short Cake/Single Origin is really a single stand with two names (much like the Cognescenti "pop up" at Proof Bakery). While I was underwhelmed by Silverton's burgers, her pastries, unsurprisingly, are spot on. I'm already addicted to the chocolate bear claw, and I love the brunette, a sort of blondie (not a brownie or a blondie, but a brunette, get it?) with pine nuts and a sprinkling of thyme.

The coffee at the Single Origin side gives a welcome shot of third wave aesthetic to the tired Farmers Market coffee scene. Single Origin uses Verve coffee from Santa Cruz and brings a real third wave cuppa' to Third and Fairfax, which is more than welcome.

Unlike Short Order, which I found underwhelming, these establishments are an excellent addition to the Farmers Market and worth a trip on their own accord.

Short Cake and Single Origin
LA Farmers Market
Third & Fairfax

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Regular Chumpington said...

Definitely have to throw in a "must try". I was there a couple weeks back. Their croissants are great. When I stopped in they had a Comte/thyme croissant that was eye-rolling.

Their Bola de Oro espresso is nice (I still have a long-stated preference for Street Level) and I forget what else I had but it was good if a touch bright for me personally.

I'm really excited to see Verve make a good entrance to LA because I really believe they're one of, if not the best, roasters on the West Coast. I've been running through their catalog since this summer and most things are in line with how I like - robust, chocolate notes, some fruit and a bit of nuts - as opposed to brighter or one-dimensionally creamy that some others favor.

So yeah - another thumbs up on Single Origin and their pastries are definitely good.