Friday, October 19, 2012

Cookin' Bourbon at Cashmere Bites

Last weekend I hosted a bourbon tasting at a cute little cooking school called Cashmere Bites. Located in the West Adams neighborhood, Cashmere Bites is a one-woman project run by clasically trained chef Tracey Augustine. She holds classes for up to 13 people on a variety of subjects from "urban tapas" to New Orleans cuisine, and her kitchen is in a great little industrial space. The classes usually cost in the $65-$75 range.

For our bourbon tasting, I led folks through the bourbons while Tracey accompanied with a four courses, each of which used bourbon as an ingredient. In this novice tasting, we tasted Eagle Rare 10, Elijah Craig 12, WL Weller 12, George Dickel 12, Bulleit Rye, and as a bonus I brought some Rittenhouse 23 year old and George T. Stagg from my personal stash.

Tracey made bourbon glazed chicken wings, brisket sliders with caramelized onions, bourbon/bacon pecan tarts and banana-bourbon pudding. All of these were great but I especially loved the sliders and the tarts, which were mini-pecan pies with bourbon...and bacon. It's hard to describe how immediately addictive these little things were, so sweet, chewy, nutty, bourbony and, as if that wasn't enough, bacony. I had to restrain myself from eating the whole plate.

I've hosted a lot of bourbon tastings, but this one was particularly fun. I've never had a (mostly) novice class where people were so engaged in the subject, and I've never had a tasting where a majority of the participants were women. Kudos to Tracey for putting together such a great group.

If you're interested in a fun cooking class, check out Tracey's operation at Cashmere Bites.

Cashmere Bites
2609B Brighton Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90018

Disclaimer: While I didn't charge for my services, Tracey offered me a free cooking class in exchange for the tasting.


sam k said...

Sounds like an absolutely delightful time!

Josh Feldman said...

Sounds like a lovely event. Some nice range to the bourbons and the food sounds sublime.

Anonymous said...

does the Mrs approve of this extracurricular activity? chicks drunk on bourbon? for shame! (You're awesome)

sku said...

Sinosoul, we always drink responsibly of course!