Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Sku's 2012 Whiskey Awards

Welcome to Sku's 2012 Whiskey Awards. Each winner was the product of blind tastings before a specially selected panel of expert tasters.

Best Bourbon over 140 Proof: George T. Stagg

Best Blend of Scotch, Bourbon and Rye: High West Campfire

Best Scotch Distillery (Isle of Skye): Talisker

Best Scotch Distillery (Isle of Arran): Arran

Best Scotch Distillery (Isle of Jura): Jura

Best Scotch Distillery (Isle of Mull): Tobermory

Best Indian Distillery (limited to those available in the US): Amrut

Best Religiously Themed Independent Bottler: The Jewish Whisky Company

Best Bourbon Aged on a Boat: No Winner (there were no good bourbons aged on a boat this year)

Congratulations to all the lucky winners! (Winners, please feel free to contact me for special "shelf talkers" available at a reasonable price or to advertise in our special "awards edition").


Kevin said...

The world needs more awards that are adjudicated as earnestly as these.

Josh Feldman said...

Don't forget, best corn whisky from Texas and best fake bourbon back story! (Balcones and Larceny - respectively).

I find your commentary simultaneously extremely wise and also just darned silly!

Jordan said...

Supposedly Rogue's single malt is aged on a boat as well, but I'm not sure it's any better.

Josh Feldman said...

...and Kelt XO cognac is also ocean matured (in shipping containers - on a freighter)... But it isn't whisky of course.

Joshua Luke said...

If it's anything at all like their Dead Guy whiskey, I will pass on that one. Or, if I win the lottery, I will philanthropically procure all available bottles and airlift them to Mt St Helens.

sku said...

We stand by our award choices!

Josh F., I've actually reviewed Kelt Cognac.

Florin said...

Sku, this is very useful but you should consider broadening your scope. How about important categories, such as: Best Whisky Surviving a Natural Disaster; Whisky Bible of the Year; Best Australian Whisky Under $100; Indiana Distillery of the Year; California Whisky Retailer of the Year (3-5 locations only); Best Instant Whisky Aging (Auction House category); Most Sensitive Craft Distiller.

Andy Keck said...

Hey! What'd Mt. St. Helens ever do to you?

Connoissaurus said...

Bourbon aged on a boat... That was hilarious!

Anonymous said...

Perhaps an award for best use of a new grain product... potatoes by 303 Whiskey.

sku said...

Florin, great suggestions for next year, though I think we'd have to divide the natural disasters into categories (tornado, blizzard, etc.).

Anon, yes, how could I have forgotten best potato whiskey.

Anonymous said...