Thursday, July 25, 2013

Blog of the Month: My Annoying Opinions

My Complete List of Whiskey Blogs now numbers over 400...yes there are more than 400 people who are writing (or have written in case of the dormant blogs) about whiskey on-line.  And I seem to find more on almost a daily basis.

As I've mentioned before, these blogs run from the brilliant to the bizarre.  Since I've got this list, I figured I'd dedicate one post a month to highlighting a whiskey blog that I find interesting or amusing or bizarre or all three.

I'll kick off this month with a new but high quality blog:  My Annoying Opinions.  MAO is written by an anonymous, Minnesota teacher who goes only by "Snookums" on the blog, but he's been known to post frequently on Scotch forums under a different moniker.

The blog mostly consists of Scotch reviews with occasional posts about food or other things.  The writing is pithy and occasionally sarcastic...and not really that annoying, and the ratings are refreshingly uninflated.  It's a refreshing read from someone who knows his (or her) stuff.  Check it out!


Anonymous said...

Finally, a whiskey blog about whiskey blogs. The proverbial serpent that eats its own tail. The end is nigh.

WhiskeyPhoenix said...

400 one. I'm throwing my hat in the ring, specifically in the Phoenix area which, sadly, has a dearth of good whiskey.

Anonymous said...

i just found one called whiskey wonka. i wonder what a willy wonka made whiskey would taste like.

politicalidiot said...

Ya, mongo knows his stuff. His is one of the few I frequent. There are just too many fly by night "whisky" bloggers out there though. Most if them post little of interest.