Thursday, July 11, 2013

Elijah Craig 20

I though I'd make this week a Heaven Hill trifecta. Elijah Craig 20 year old was first released in 2011 as a gift shop exclusive, but saw wider release last year (the gift shop bottlings have a blue label while the wider release has a brown label).  I'm not sure if there is more of it in the pipeline.  Like the 18 year old, it's a single barrel offering so quality can vary.

Elijah Craig 20, 45% ($130)

The nose on this has huge oak notes along with traditional bourbon corn.  The palate has oak, orange rind, some spice and dry wood notes, getting drier as it goes down.  By the finish, you're left with a very dry peppery wood note.

This is a good, solid bourbon, though it's quite heavy on the wood, and those more sensitive to wood might not like it.  I liked it much better than the Evan Williams 23, but for the price, I'd go for this year's Evan Williams single barrel.

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