Friday, June 27, 2014

New Whiskey Labels: Alabama Gets a Whisky and Some Scotch

Sheep Dip, the well known Scotch blended malt, has cleared a label for an all Islay blend.

It's rare to see new independent bottlings from any of the more desirable closed Scotch distilleries, but here's a 23 year old Rosebank from Gordon & MacPhail.

It looks like Alabama is going to get it's first new craft distilled whiskey.  The John Emerald Distillery, which just opened this year, cleared a label for John's Alabama Single Malt which will be "smoked with southern pecan and peach wood."


Bick said...

Hey Sku, just curious, what is the typical lag time between the label approval and the eventual release of the bottles?

sku said...

Bick, lag time can be as short as a month or as long as, well, never, since not all labels that are approved make it onto the shelf.

For the big American distilleries, labels that are approved in the spring and early summer, usually show up in the fall when the new releases come out.

Imports often take longer since getting label approval is only one step in the process for importing booze.

Bick said...

Got it. Thanks!