Monday, June 16, 2014

Special Announcement from the Liquor Store of the Future

To:  All Customres

From:  Sku's Liquor Silo

Date:  June 1, 2017

Hey everyone, here are the latest deals from Sku's Liquor Silo, where you always get the best deals on premium whiskey!

Our new, specially picked barrels of Old Crow are here!  We got two really great picks from the Old Crow private barrel program and they are available now for $59.99 per bottle.  We don't expect them to stick around for more than three minutes after this notice goes up, so buy now!

W.L. Weller 12.  We really lucked out on this one.  Our new allocation of the W.L. Weller 12 month old just came through and we got three bottles!  Sign up for the raffle for a chance to win one.

We're also expecting a shipment of the Eagle Rare Old No. 10 any day now.  We will email out to the group when it gets here.

WhistlePig 13 year old.  The oldest WhistlePig expression yet, this stuff is a steal for $300.  As many of you know, this whiskey is sourced from Canada, but I'm told that they are planning to open a distillery on their Vermont farm any day now.

Ardbeg will be bringing their tricked out Ardbeg Segways to the shop next week to celebrate their new special release, the Ardbeg Amadan.  The folks at Ardbeg are looking to make a more traditional style whisky with this release, so this one will be 80 proof, caramel colored and chill filtered!  Leave it to Ardbeg to always be the innovator...and I'm told the segways will be awesome (apparently Ardbeg has learned something from last year's nuclear submarine mishap).  

SPECIAL OFFER.  For a limited time only, anyone who makes a purchase with a value over $2 will get a free bottle of Old Blowhard.  No?  Okay, we will pay you $10 to take a bottle?  No?  Okay, pull a truck up to the store, and we will just fill it with this crap.  Seriously, it's been years since we ordered any, but it just keeps coming.  We don't even pay for it.  The stuff must be made of kudzu or tribbles or something. Please, please, take it away...

Order now!


Sku's Liquor Silo


Alex said...

Haha, Eagle Rare Old No. 10...

danz said...

Weller 12 [month old]. You are to be commended for not charging 10 times the suggested retail. And BT is to be commended for not going to the logical conclusion of Weller 12 second old plywood-sluice aged bourbon - just like Pappy made.

Anonymous said...

Any word from Buffalo Trace as to when the latest Antique Collection release of Fireball Cinnamon Whiskey will hit?

Anonymous said...

Also, still waiting on pins-and-needles for your podcast with rockstar Whiskey GM, Chris Bauder, Whiskey at Beam. I know he has many celebrities and billionaires calling and begging for Red Stag, but I'd love to hear his retrospective scoop into the flavor innovation legend that became Red Stag.

Anonymous said...

Any word on whether Diageo's latest Orphan Barrel release, Old Bullshitter 30, will be less than one million bottles?

Funky Tape said...

Weller 12 month, certainly a lot more tastier than Weller 1 yr. I'll be ording 9 cases. But who can wait for the 2017 VW Lot C, the VW family- select Weller 11 month? It's the old new young Pappy of tomorrow!

EllenJ said...

Thanks again, Steve; I howled!
(P.S. @ Funky Tape: OH YEAH!!

Mark said...

I had to look this up, so for anyone else who's Gaelic stops with slainte:

Anonymous said...

I would like to order, however, it seems I cannot use BitCoins.

Anonymous said...

Ha. I would have found this laughable until I saw this email in my inbox upon returning from my vacation.

Shop name has been removed as I will no longer be patronizing there:

Good Morning

I have some PVW available right now and I know at one time you were interested. Below is the pricing on all of the PVW & other bourbons.

Thanks and let me know if you have any interest.

ORVW 10/107 - $175
12 yr Lot B $175
PVW 15yr - $425
PVW 20yr - $595
PVW 23yr - $965

Parker’s Heritage Collection 6 - $195
Parker’s Heritage Collection 7 - $175

Four Roses 125th $200

BTAC Stagg, Weller, Sazerac 18-- $225
Handy, Eagle Rare 17 -- $195

VT Mike said...

I'm waiting until you have whiskey from PDL - Potemkin Distillers Limited. They say it was Hoffa's favorite!