Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Filibuster Bourbon: The Gentleman from Indiana

Filibuster is a straight bourbon finished in "white wine seasoned French oak barrels."  The bourbon is distilled by MGP in Indiana and is bottled by a company called M.S. Trading LP based in Alexandra Virginia.  The mashbill is 75% corn, 21% rye, 4% barley.  They also bottle a rye, also distilled at MGP, and a Kentucky bourbon that is finished in sherry casks.

Filibuster Bourbon, Batch 2, 45% abv ($60)

The nose is light and fruity with white wine notes.  The palate has a nice spice to it then turns a bit floral/soapy/perfumey and ends with cough syrup notes.  The finish is spicy/minty on the nose but medicinal on the palate.

This definitely tastes like MGP bourbon, though with more perfume than usual, possibly because of the wine finish.  The whole thing is a bit of a mess with clashing flavors that don't come together well. I'm afraid I'd call for cloture on this one.

Thanks to Tyler Patton for the sample.


Jordan said...

Sadly the price doesn't surprise me. I know Big Bottom is phasing out its finished bourbons because even young whiskey from MGP is getting too expensive to keep releasing it at the price point he had established ($35-40).

TylerP said...

Sku- I agree with everything you are saying here. I was not impressed with the Bourbon at all. I did talk to a friend in the business and was told that Filabuster knows they have lots of detractors and are in the process of redoing their whole taste and process.