Friday, January 2, 2015

New Whiskey Labels: Jack Daniel's, Macallan and More

This week's most interesting new labels from the federal TTB database:

Jack Daniel's cleared two new labels for single barrel whiskey, a single barrel rye and a barrel proof version of their standard JD Single Barrel.

Brown Forman also cleared a label for Old Forester 1897, a non age statement bottled in bond bourbon.

It looks like fans of the animated television show Archer will finally be able to get some Glengoolie.  A blended Scotch imported by St. George Spirits, Glengoolie is "softer than the tufted ears of an ocelot."  There is also Glengoolie Slightly Darker.

Macallan cleared over 40 labels for their Fine & Rare series of old whiskies, many of which were rebottled around ten years ago.  The distilling dates range from 1937 to 1976.

Note:  The fact that a label appears on the TTB database does not necessarily mean it will be produced.  In addition, some details on the label, such as proof, can change in the final product.


Anonymous said...

How old would this make the Jack rye now? assuming its the same they've been putting out?


sku said...

They first came out with the unaged rye in 2012, so around two years if that's what they are using.

Justin said...

If regular jack single barrel goes for about 50 bones I can't imagine what they are going to charge for the barrel proof version. With the exception of old forrester birthday bourbon brown Forman goes WAY overboard on pricing their specialty bottles. (Can I get an amen?

Steve said...

I am still waiting for the Finnerty Irish Whiskey they drink on Blue Bloods! ;)

Tom Swigk said...
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