Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Said No One Ever - Reader Responses

There were some great reader responses to my whiskey edition of Said No One Ever, both in the comments and on social media. Here are a few of my favorites:

  • I'm glad I bought all the Orphan Barrels.
  • This six month old Frankenstein whiskey really does taste like it's ten.
  • I wish my favorite distillery would come out with a younger expression or a NAS because I really love the grassy sweet and aggressive kick of young whiskey.
  • K&L really underplayed that whiskey.
  • I really like Canadian Whiskey because it always has such depth and character.
  • I think Bowmore peaked in the '80s.
  • I think closed distilleries generally went out of business because their whiskey was bad.
  • I think I'll wait and buy this on the secondary market.


Harry said...

I live by, "You only get what you pay for."

And, if you believe that applies to bourbon, I have this collection of rare watches right here under my raincoat . . .

Anonymous said...

"as soon as I started talking about my favorite whiskey blog, her pants came off."

Anonymous said...

Whoever came up with the K&L line deserves a prize.

Plague said...

Nah. I'm perfectly satisfied I bought all the Orphan Barrels.