Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Sticking it to 'em: Walking Stick Bourbon

Walking Stick is a no age statement, single barrel bourbon from the Sazerac owned Barton 1792 Distillery.

Walking Stick Single Barrel, 45% abv ($35)

The nose has fruit cocktail and sweet white wine. Wow, the palate is really fruity.  It's like canned pears. The finish is sweet with more traditional bourbon note on the nose.

I didn't really care for this, but if you're into light, fruity bourbon, you might enjoy it.  As for me, I'll keep walking and stick to other bourbons.

Thanks to John Burlowski for the sample.


Harry said...

I get the impression that Walking Stick Bourbon is to classic bourbon as Boone's Farm Wine is to Bernkastler Riesling. It's been years since I bought and drank BFW. Heck. It's been decades. Palates do change, I guess.

Carlton said...

The favorite bourbon of entomologists.

Anonymous said...

You certainly got the fruity notes right.... but I liked them. Not a particularly complex or challenging pour ---- but an easy drinker.

Anonymous said...


My conspiracy theory is this is Sazerac's attempt to generate additional income by offering a product at a higher price point rather than increasing the price point of an establish product (like 1792) Furthermore, with consumers having to buy and try everything, at least once, bodes well for walking stick.

I will continue to NOT buy this product since its about $35 in my neck.