Sunday, May 20, 2007

Choice Meats

Living, as I do, in the center of the largest Korean population outside of Korea has its perks, primarily, a selection of over 5 million Korean barbeques. Sometimes, though, you just don't feel like hiking half a block to the closest BBQ joint, and for those times, there is Choice Meats.

Choice Meats is an excellent Korean butcher located in the strip mall at the southwest corner of Third and Western. I go right for their pre-marinated packages of bulgogi and kalbi. The bulgogi is sliced thin and the Kalbi is wonderfully fatty. They also have beautifully marbled beef slices you could use for roast gui and marinated pork, but I have yet to try those.

From there it's easy. Stop off at HK Super, up the street at First and Western for some panchon to go, head home- fire up the grill, start up the rice cooker, cook, serve and enjoy. The paper thin bulgogi cooks in minutes, the kalbi takes maybe 15 minutes of frequent flipping...and then, you have a restaurant-quality Korean BBQ meal made at home.

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