Sunday, May 27, 2007

Quick Picks: Corn Dog Castle at Disney California Adventure

Disney theme parks are not food destinations, to say the least, but Corn Dog Castle, in the Paradise Pier area of Disney California Adventure, is serious fair food. You can get a juicy, jumbo hot dog or hot link (choose the hot link), dipped in a slightly sweet batter and fried crispy and golden brown but moist on the inside. The battered coating is thick such that the finished product looks like a miniature baseball bat. It has the perfect Corndog Textural Counterpoint (CTC, for those in the know) when you bite through the sweet, crunchy cornmeal and into the juicy, spicy dog. This is one of the best corndogs I've had in the admittedly low-corndog density Southern California area.

Sure, it's almost $6, but at Disneyland, what isn't?

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