Thursday, May 10, 2007

Sku's Salutations

Well, here it blog. I have finally entered the 21st century. A note of introduction of myself and how I intend to use this blog to entertain (mostly myself). I, Sku, am a public interest lawyer living in the vibrant Koreatown/Hollywood neighborhood of Los Angeles. My hobbies are, in no particular order, eating, drinking, cooking, reading about food, well... you get the picture. I'm one of those food obsessives, foodies, fooders, chowhounds, whatever you call them. I live for the next taste sensation, and since moving to LA in 1998, I have made it my base of gastronomic operation, though I travel frequently and will report when I do.

I thought I would start this blog to chronicle my journey, my favorites tastes and treats and maybe be helpful in identifying the tastes that make me smile and giving a good tip or too.

A quick food profile:

I get a few super high-end meals per year, but I am by and large, a middle to low end eater: pizza, pupusas, bi bim bop, pho, dim sum, etc.

I love sweets, particularly doughnuts and chocolate (though not necessarily chocolate doughnuts)!! I'm in the midst of a massive, artery-altering doughnut roundup that I will post about next week.

I idolize our home town pulitzer award winning Jonathan Gold and find my best tips on Chowhound where I've been posting, as sku, for at least six years.

Wine is fine, but Whisky's quicker...I love to sip a single malt, rye or bourbon and I will occasionally post on them in the "Recent Drinks" category.

I DON'T TAKE PICTURES OF FOOD! This is not a food porn site. I can barely work my digital camera. And frankly, I don't get food bloggers who go to a restaurant, pull out a camera, and take pictures of every dish. I mean, the waiters must think you're nuts....okay, here's another food blogger taking pictures of the sweet breads, make 'em pretty folks.

Anyway, welcome to my blog (big welcome if you aren't related to me) and enjoy the ride...

Coming soon(ish):
LA's Greatest Pupusas
The doughnut roundup
What is Pinkberry, really?
Long Beach Cambodian

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