Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Hawaii Journal Day 11: Something Special in the Air

Day 11: Wednesday

Well, this is it, the end of vacation in which we say a fond farewell to the beautiful beaches, mountains and plate lunches of Hawaii, but not without a parting taste.

Given that airlines no longer provide any free food, making you shell out money for a collection of sub-par chips and cheese-food products, it pays to bring meals on long flights. And what better meal to bring on a flight than okazu?

Airplane Lunch: Fukuya Delicatessen and Catering

In years past, my favorite okazuya was Ebisu on King Street, but I was sad to learn that it was no more. As a result, as you may have noticed, I spent much of this trip searching for new okazuya, places with reliable musubi, fried foods and other delectables. One of the best I found was Fukuya. In front of our jealous fellow passengers we devoured mochiko and regular fried chicken, buttery shoyu fish, musubis and various fried bits. A fitting end to a lovely trip.

Fukuya Delicatessen and Catering
2710 S. King Street
Honolulu, HI 96826
(808) 946-2073

Tomorrow: A Hawaii Wrap-Up

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