Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Whiskey Wednesday: Born in the USA Part 2 - I Don't Dig You Jack

Jack Daniels, the powerhouse of American whiskey, has not fared well in my tastings. In the Tennessee Smackdown I was unimpressed with both Old Number 7 and the too sweet Gentleman Jack. Well, if at first you don't succeed, try, try again, so I ended up with the final version of Jack's regular expressions: Jack Daniel's Single Barrel.

A single barrel expression, as you will recall, means the contents come from a single cask of whiskey. However, in a non-cask strength version, such as this, the contents are diluted with water prior to bottling.

Will a single barrel Jack taste better? Let's find out.


Jack Daniel's Single Barrel, 47% alcohol, (owned by Brown-Forman), $40-50.

The nose is somewhat understated with some corn sweetness and alcohol.
On sipping, there is that explosion of traditional Jack syrupy sweetness. It's a light, sweet whiskey, very much in the JD tradition.

In sum: It tastes like alcoholic corn syrup.

Sorry, but, in the words of the old blues song, "I don't dig you, Jack."

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