Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Whiskey Wednesday: Born in the USA Part 4 -- Parker's Heritage

Heaven Hill is the only distillery I know that is comparable in quality to the great Buffalo Trace. The Hill is known for great whiskies like Evan Williams, Elijah Craig and Rittenhouse Rye. One of their newer offerings is one of their first cask strength Bourbons, Parker's Heritage. Parker's is named for the distillery's master distiller, Parker Beam of the legendary Beam family.

Heaven Hill is known for producing huge flavors in their whiskies but, unfortunately, is also known for inconsistency from bottle to bottle. The Parker's I tried was issued in 2007.


Parker's Heritage Collection, Cask Strength, 61.3% alcohol (Heaven Hill), approx. $75.

Aroma: Pow, right in the kisser. Giant oak, anise, mint, quite an herbaceous quality to it; this thing is packed with aroma. The taste does not disappoint, with the same strong notes. A touch of water really brings out the sweetness, which is less apparent in the undiluted state. It's as complex a whiskey as I've had and each time I have a glass, a new flavor reveals itself to my palate.

This is a WOW whiskey. I'd put it up there with Stagg in terms of the great Bourbons. Nice work Heaven Hill!

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