Sunday, April 12, 2009

Better Know a Strip Mall: Argentinian Empanadas at 1253 Vine

We continue our series on the amazing diversity of restaurants at 1253 Vine with Argentinian Empanadas. This modest shop sells fabulous empanadas either to eat in or frozen to take home. I tried all the savory varieties and they were excellent across the board: Chicken with a nice curry seasoning, ham and onion and ham and cheese were reminiscent of French onion tarts, corn and potato had a sweet corn taste, veggie had a creamy spinach filling and the ground beef was well seasoned. These are the ultimate party food; I know the next time I have a party, I'll be grabbing a couple dozen to cook at home.

Argentinan Empanadas also claims to have the city's best milanesa, a claim I will definitely check out and on which I will report back.

Argentinian Empanadas also has locations in Venice and on Robertson.

Argentinian Empanadas
1253 N Vine St
Los Angeles, CA 90038
(310) 963-7354

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Pablo said...

I wouldn't even have found out about this place if I hadn't visited their booth at a Hermosa Beach festival! Their empanadas were excellent! Their milanesa were out of this world! I haven't had milanesas this good since 1989 when I left Buenos Aires. (Went back in 2002 and couldn't find one this good on short notice.) They even serve ice cold Mexican Coca-Colas :)

I took my friends (Honduran and Salvadorian) and they both loved the milanesa. (My friend didn't like the ham and cheese empanada that much, but I did.)

Didn't get a chance to try the corn empanadas or the smoothies, but the milanesa alone was worth the visit :) I just wish they served choripans....

A solid 10/10!