Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Whiskey Wednesday: New Concepts from Bruichladdich and Beam

Bruichladdich A&W3

Bruichladdich, the Islay distillery that is legendary for their innovative limited releases, has introduced yet another ground-breaking concept that is sure to turn the whisky world upside down. Bruichladdich A&W3 is a malt aged in used root beer casks. "The root beer imparts beautiful flavors of birch and sarsaparilla which bring our malt to a whole new level," says master distiller Jim McEwen, who continues "A&W3 not only makes a great dram, it goes well with ice cream."

The three year old whisky will retail for $570 US.

Jim Beam's New Bourbon Concept

Pleased by the great success of its (rī)¹ [pronounced "Rye One"] rye whiskey. Beam will be introducing a new Bourbon, entitled #!*# [Pronounced "The Bourbon Formerly Known as White Label"]. The new Bourbon will retail for $73 US.

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