Thursday, April 30, 2009

Friday Village BBQ

I've written up Village Kitchen on Beverly Boulevard before, but I need to add a word about their awesome Friday Barbecue special. On Fridays, this mostly take-out joint on Beverly, east of Union, does a BBQ plate with chicken, pork ribs, potato salad, mac & cheese, corn bread with honey butter, and a spiced, apple sauce.

Now, the chicken and ribs are fine but nothing special, but the sides are wondrous. The potato salad is vinegary, maybe with a bit of mustard, one of the best potato salads I've had. The mac & cheese is excellent with a good crust, and the corn bread is nice and moist and goes well with the honey butter. These sides are so good that I've even considered asking them to hold the meat and just give me the sides.

Check it out, but remember, it's Fridays only and lunch only.

Village Kitchen
1667 Beverly Blvd. (east of Union)
Los Angeles, CA
(213) 235-1487

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